Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do you want to really Earn Extra Income???

Well, if your answer is Yes. You can try this Home Based Jobs that will surely amazed you, when you only have to do is to SIGN UP for FREE, CLICK and VIEW ADS = $$$ ON THE SPOT EXTRA INCOME!

Basically you need an ALERTPAY and/or PAYPAL account, why? because it will be use for you to get your income and for you to get paid by the site.

SIGN UP for ALERTPAY click here

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
Just Fill out the form and complete the registration remember your username and password.

SIGN UP for PAYPAL click here

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
Just Fill out the form and complete the registration remember your username and password.

Just uncheck the box hindi natin kailangan ng credit card. see example pic below

Your alertpay and/or paypal username is required when signing up or registering in PTC sites.

After mo magsignup sa alertpay and/or paypal sign up ka muna dito

Read This :
What is PTC (Paid to Click) websites?

Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn from home. Paid-To-Click, or simply PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.

And For the Meantime you can start SIGNING UP from my recommended links below to try how PTC works for you then email me immediately providing your username and the date you registered from the PTC sites link below then I will teach you step by step what to do next!!! You can also focus only one of the PTC sites below if you are still trying to figure it out.

Warning : Do not create 2 accounts from 1 PTC site sa iisang computer, mababanned ka, Click 1 Advertisement at a time lang at may timer yun kailangan mo hintayin bago ka magclick ng panibago.

Sign-up for this first then enjoy the rest!!! Sometimes 1 lang na AD pwede nyo iclick dito, habol lang natin magrefer ng magrefer para kumita dito sa PTC site na ito.

How to register in Clixsense? Follow these steps in the image below

Eto super stable try nyo kaagad, The NUMBER 1 PTC site after registering click ka na ng Advertisements everyday then wait for 30days and kailangan naka-100 clicks ka na then start making referrals and you will really earn a lot so easy.

Neobux Usage guide:

Step 1 : After Logging in, Click View Advertisements then click one AD see image below

Step 2 : Click the Red Dot after clicking an AD

Step 3 : A new window or tab will open showing the AD you clicked and then on the top you will see the following just wait until Advertisement validated show then you can close it and click the next AD

Here's IncraseBux one of the best PTC site as well.

This is the newest PTC site that you can try $0.01 per Ads clicked just liked Neobux

BuxPool is one of the coolest PTC site, you will also be able to exchange traffic hits.

Palmbux is one of OK site na gusto ko. I recommend you to try this too.

My Newly Added PTC site that pays $0.01 per ADs click also.

I like BuxP coz ADS are almost 20 plus and you can check time to time sometimes you don't need to wait 24hrs, sometimes you'll see available ads to click. Reminder/Attention sa Buxp nga pala don't click the last link yung nakared basahin nyo kasi pagnaclick mo yun marereset to zero yung amount ng earnings nyo.
Try this also. . .the PTC site that pays like a clock everyday!!!

Don't forget to email me at if you have already signed-up from those links above so that I can send you some STEP BY STEP TIPS AND TECHNIQUES how to make this your home based career!!!

Hindi ka pa ba CONVINCE NA TOTOO ITO? Well, check mo lagi itong blog ko everyday and tingnan mo kung nagiincrease ba Earnings ko, kapag hindi ibig sabihin SCAM nga ito pero kapg OO nagiincrease nga, try mo na agad!!!

Do the Math na lang ganito kung sakali. . .example lang :

Nagregistered ka sa PTC sites like Clixsense, Neobux, Onbux, Buxpool etc. let say may 10PTC sites ka na niregisteran,

1PTC = (4-6 Ads per day)
1 Ad = ($0.001 up to $0.01)

E.g. for Clixsense/Neobux/Onbux = $0.01 per Advertisement clicked and viewed

$0.01 x 4 Ads per day = $0.04

$0.04 x 7 days = may $0.28 kana!!!

$0.04 x 30 days = $1.20 ka in 1 month per PTC site

Paano kung sabay sabay mo sila trabahuhin everyday just spending 5-15minutes of your time

example 10PTC sites x $1.20 per month = $12.00 ka na ikaw palang gumagalaw nyan!!!

Paano kung madami kang referrals or downline mo? let say meron kang 30 referrals in one of the PTC site like Neobux.

kada referral mo at nagclicked sila meron kang $0.005 per Ads clicked nila

So, if you have 30 referrals clicked everyday it's

$0.005 x 4 Ads x 30 referrals = $0.60 everyday

$0.60 x 30 days or 1month = meron ka ng tumataginting na $18.00 in just 1 month

Plus yung tinrabaho mong $12.00 + $18.00 = Total Earnings in just 1 month $30.00

$30.00 x P46.00/per dollar = P1,380.00
ang kita mo sa isang buwan sa isang PTC site palang ng walang kaeffort effort na trabaho, magclick lang ng Ads araw-araw habang nagfefacebook or internet surfing lang.

What if may 10PTC sites ka x P1,380.00 magkano kikitain mo isang buwan?

P13,800.00 / per month*

the more you have referrals clicking Ads the more income you'll Earn!!!

Happy Earnings, Thank you and God Bless!!!

*these are just an estimates but 100% possible income it depends on you, the numbers are unlimited.

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